Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First adventure in film.

I shot my first film roll just a few weeks ago. They were also taken on a manual-focus camera, which I found to be very difficult to use. Developing was really hard too. I think I'm going to stick to digital.


  1. What kind of a camera did you use? Some of these look like there could have been light leaking in or something. The kind of effect you might get with a Holga camera. Others look like the film stuck together during developing. I really like them though.

  2. I used my friend's 35mm. Not sure what brand. I had all sorts of problems. I'm sure there was light leaking in, I definitely developed it incorrectly, I didn't wind the film right, I exposed some of it while trying to get it out of the camera, etc.

    It was so hard.

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