Sunday, June 3, 2012

Teva Mountain Games Bouldering World Cup.

Some of my favorite shots from the 2012 Teva Mountain Games Bouldering World Cup, held in Vail, Colorado. The Austrian duo of Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) and Anna Stöhr (AUT) won the very fun, very exciting event that featured climbers from all over the world working through some of the most interesting problems I've ever seen.

Qualifiers and Semi-Finals

Wouter Jongeneelen (NED) shows off his flexibility:

Sierra Blair-Coyle (USA) holding the swing:

Jan Hojer (GER), en route to a strong performance during qualifiers and semis:

Chauncenia Cox (USA) working for the toe hook during qualifiers:

Guillaume Glairon-Mondet (FRA) cutting loose:

Mina Markovic (SLO) eyes the dyno:

Mélanie Sandoz (FRA) during qualifiers:

Daniel Woods (USA) looking casual:

Matty Hong (USA) winds up during semis:

Mélissa Le Nevé (FRA) cruising:

Josh Larson's (USA) try-hard face:

Alex Puccio (USA), who would go on to the finals, during a flash in semis:

Chris Webb-Parsons (AUS) working hard:


Alex Johnson (USA) and Puccio sussing out the moves before the women's final:

Fischhuber finessing men's problem #1:

Eventual second-place winner Sean McColl (CAN) on men's problem #2:

Shauna Coxsey (GBR), who would come in second place for the women, fighting through for an epic flash on women's problem #3:

Stöhr on women's problem #4:

Puccio and Fischhuber climbing on the final problem of the finals:

Rei Sugimoto (JPN), after the climb of the day: an unbelievable fight to finish men's problem #4 as time expired:

McColl celebrating, with Stöhr below:

Coxsey and Stöhr comparing wingspans after the competition:

Massive gallery is available here.


  1. Hi, Will!

    I work with Mad Rock, and found your photos of the Teva Games World Cup on Matty Hong's facebook wall.

    I would love to know if these photos are good to go for social media posting provided they are captioned with photo credit? Your photos of our athletes are very impressive.

    Please contact me at, and I should reply within a day.


    Much respect -

    Tiffany Hensley
    Mad Rock Team/Media

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